The Woman at the Well

Access to safe drinking water is one of the most fundamental development issues. It is a basic health issue - contaminated water is probably the biggest cause of global health issues. It is also a gender issue, as it is generally regarded as the woman's job to carry water to the home. Carrying the family drinking water from distant sources can take hours of hard work.

Bangladesh is not short of water! At times there is too much water, but safe water is another issue. Even the wells have to be deep enough, as shallow wells have been found to contain arsenic from a natural layer in the Bangladesh soil. An important part of Banzaid's Chandpur TCDC project has been to install deep tubewells for a safe water supply in the project villages. In the five years of the project 40 wells have been installed.

In this video Sam Doorey, son of Banzaid's Bangladesh based development facilitator Julian Doorey, looks at the significance of the wells that Banzaid's  project has been installing. Sam did this video as a school project, and we think that it is just great! Thank you Sam!

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