BU KOFI - Papua New Guinea

Coffee is an important cash crop in Papua New Guinea, involving about one third of the population in its production. It has been the primary cash crop in the Baiyer Valley region of Papua New Guinea for over 40 years.

Current returns to the growers, however, are poorer than PNG's average because of a combination of factors. These include the effects of a period of clan fighting, neglect of the bushes, poor harvesting and processing of the crop, and difficulties in marketing the crop and transporting it out of the region.

The Baptist Union of PNG (BUPNG) has worked with community leaders to restore peace to the region. This peace now needs to be supported with an improvement to the economic situation. This is where the BUPNG Baiyer Valley coffee project that BANZAid is helping with comes in.

This project looks to improve returns to the growers through a combined approach of education and agricultural extension services for the growers, the setting up of processing facilities to add value at the local community level, and the provision of a marketing organisation based in the area and working on behalf of the growers.

In this video Banzaid Manager, Paul Thompson, introduces the project, and tells us what is happening.

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