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pdf Murshidabad Anti-Trafficking Survey 2016


MurshidabadThis is the Baseline Survey for the Freedom Businesses project in West Bengal, India. It was an independent survey done for Banzaid and Marketplacers, looking at the interaction of poverty and trafficking issues in the Murshidabad District.

pdf Community Development Evaluation 2011


2011 50The KOHA-PICD funding for the Chandpur TCDC project concluded on 31 March 2011. As a part of that closing there was a full evaluation of the 2 years and 9 months that the project had been running. This is a summarised version of that evaluation. The project was revised and modified to meet the criteria of the SDF scheme which replaced KOHA-PICD, and has 3 years funding from April 2011.

pdf Pacific Tsunami - One Year On


one 50To commemorate the first anniversary of the Pacific Tsunami that hit on 29 September 2009, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has published this document setting out some of the programmes that New Zealand has been involved in as part of the rebuilding process. The story of BANZAid's project to rebuild the Satitoa Primary School is on page 12.

pdf Community Development Year 2 Report (2010)


year2 50This 2010 report covers Year Two of the Chandpur TCDC project. This is a summary of the report submitted to the New Zealand Aid Programme. The report includes information about issues in Bangladesh, and information about participation in the project. 19 pages

pdf Chandpur TCDC Evaluation Report 2014


coomunity 50The Chandpur Total Community Development Centres (TCDC) project commenced in 2008, and was initially funded through the NZAID KOHA-PICD scheme. Funding for a second stage was renewed under the Aid Programme of the New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Sustainable Development Fund (SDF). The second stage was over the period April 2011 to March 2014. This evaluation report covers the whole period from 2008, but with particular focus on progress made in the second stage.

Established in 2007, the Chandpur TCDC project is Banzaid’s longest running programme. The project, managed by Baptist Aid Bangladesh, set out to provide a variety of community development services. A husband and wife team went to live in each village, among the people they were working to help....
The Freedom Businesses employ women at risk of being trafficked into the sex industry rather than for any skills or qualifications they might already have. Training is therefore a crucial component to the success of reaching the Freedom Business goals and in developing effective businesses. The...
The core of the West Bengal Business venture is the Business Incubator concept. The headquarters will be the centre for the business activity and the base for all support services. It will also be the marketing and communications centre and the production development hub, and provide offices and...