Baptist Aid BBCF

The Total Community Development Centres project is the development vision of Baptist Aid-BBCF, the aid and development arm of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship. Their vision is for ‘a Bangladeshi society based on moral and ethical values, free from poverty, injustice and oppression with equal opportunity and sustainable livelihoods for all people’ - ‘giving life in all its fullness’. They estimate that each TCDC couple directly and positively impacts 200 local poor people, with indirect impact through friends, relatives and community relations estimated at 500 to 1000 people.

New Zealand Baptist churches have partnered with the BBCF since its inception. Churches started and nurtured by NZBMS/tranzsend were the foundation churches of the Fellowship. A new phase in this partnership has begun as we resource the Bangladesh church’s own development projects where they set out to help poor communities around them.

BBCF General Secretary thanking Lloyd Ashworth for his training sessions

Baptist Aid-BBCF already had several TCDC programmes in other parts of Bangladesh. This project focuses on 12 villages around the town of Chandpur. The Chandpur district is an area of Bangladesh that has seen New Zealand Baptists involvement for over 100 years. We no longer have Kiwi families living in Chandpur, but the TCDC project will bring a new level of partnership with the local community.

Chandpur TCDC is a project of Baptist Aid-BBCF. They set the project up, and are responsible for running it. Our aim is to equip them to do the work themselves.

Photo: BBCF General Secretary Leor Sarkar makes a presentation to Lloyd Ashworth at the conclusion of a training seminar for TCDC staff run by BANZAid in 2008.