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Christmas Gifts

Banzaid Gift Store

It is the Christmas season, and every store is promoting their products, and yet in our affluent society where most people already have everything that they might ever need, it is hard to decide on meaningful gifts.

We have gifts with a difference - gifts that target poverty, gifts that will make a difference in lives. Buy one of these virtual gifts and we will send a card that you can give, describing the need, and what the gift will achieve. Read on to find out about our projects, and the gifts that you can give...

Banzaid in IndiaIndia

A Freedom Business is focussed on optimising returns rather than maximising profits. This means that the Freeset Business Incubator will target those most at risk of trafficking. Employment will only be offered to women of eligible working age who are assessed as coming from situations where they are at risk of being targeted by traffickers or parents with daughters who might be targeted (under the condition that their daughters remain in school and are not put into arranged marriages before the age of 18). It will also offer wages above the national minimum along with training, health care, child care and superannuation plans. Alongside the Business Incubator, there will be a training programme for employment skills at both production and management level and other community support programmes. These include counselling for trafficking victims, education in health care, first aid, literacy and budgeting and anti-trafficking and trafficking awareness programmes.

Visit the Gift Store to see the items that support the Freedom Business programme in West Bengal

Banzaid in Bangladesh Bangladesh

Established in 2008, the Chandpur TCDC project is Banzaid’s longest running programme. The project, managed by Baptist Aid Bangladesh, set out to provide a variety of community development services. A husband and wife team live in each village, among the people they are working to help. They began with adult literacy. As they identified the poorest families in the village they then started to work with them to build development activities: community health care; savings groups; training in income generating activity; and things like home composting for kitchen gardens. Alongside this were pre-school groups, and tutorial classes to help older children to be able to attend the local government primary schools.

With changes in funding, and the opportunity for the savings groups to become self managing, the focus of the programme has changed to the childrens education. Our main support will now be in the area of preschool work, and tuorial groups for children enrolled in the government schools.

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Banzaid in PNGPapua New Guinea

The Cash Crop Development project exists to revitalise the coffee trade and diversify the cash crops in the Baiyer Valley of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The BU Kofi Company was established in 2013 and aims to be a profitable business, that improves the coffee trade, while promoting effective farming practice with positive impacts on the environment. Profits made through the business will be directed back into the community, particularly for health and education services.

The project has struggled over the last year, despite successfully trading over 200 tonnes of raw coffee. A number of factors contributed to their difficulty. These included a drought caused by the El Nino weather pattern, an overall difficult economic situation in PNG, and the failure of the PNG government to pay over their promised contribution to the project.

While we will continue to try and get release of the promised funds, Year 4 will focus on maintaining trading with existing funds, and attempt to turn this into a profit that will begin to support the programme.

Visit the Gift Store to see the items that support Banzaid's programme in Papua New Guinea