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Annual Report 2015-2016


“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture
of charity. It is the protection of a
fundamental right, the right to dignity
and a decent life.”
-Nelson Mandela
When you want a job done, and want to be sure that it is done well, what do you look for? Whether it is doctor, dentist, lawyer, builder, plumber or electrician, there are probably two things that influence your choice. The first is reputation – do you know someone who recommends their work? The second is whether they are a member of a professional body. Membership of a professional organisation gives a guarantee that they have signed up to certain standards, and that there is someone to complain to if things go wrong.

Banzaid has a good reputation – our supporters are proof of that! We have some great projects, and we have had great support for them. You can read about these projects in this report.

This year Banzaid has achieved certification under the Code of Conduct of the New Zealand Council for International Development (CID). We believe that this is a big step in our ability to assure our supporters that we set a high standard in what we do.

The Code sets out standards in three areas of accountability:

 Programme Principles – We understand and follow recognised ‘best practice’, professional, principles in our project activities. These include issues such as principles for effectiveness in aid and development activities, recognition of human rights principles, and how we work with partner agencies.

Public engagement –We are ethical and transparent in marketing, fundraising and reporting. We tell you, our supporters, the truth about what we are doing, and what it costs.

Organisation – as an organisation we have good structures and processes for governance, management, financial controls, treatment of staff and volunteers, complaints handling processes and compliance with legal requirements.

Paul ThompsonBanzaid operates as a department within the structure of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS). As a department we facilitate good quality development activities in the countries where NZBMS works. We provide consultancy services for those working in the area, and, through our membership of CID and accreditation with the New Zealand Aid Programme, we are able to access wider sources of funding.

We invite you to read this report, and celebrate with us in the achievements of the last year!

Paul Thompson
Banzaid Manager

The Code of ConductCID Code of Conduct certified

Banzaid is a signatory to the Council for International Development’s Code of Conduct. We joined the growing list of CID Code signatories - World Vision, Tearfund, Child Fund, ADRA, Surfaid International, Oxfam, Family Planning and CBM. The Code sets standards in three key areas of accountability – programming principles, public engagement and organisation. These principles and practices aim to improve development effectiveness, and ensure transparency and accountability to both donors and participants.



“Don’t let complexity stop you. Be
activists. Take on the big inequities. It
will be one of the great experiences of
your life.”
-Bill Gates
We believe that we live in a broken, challenged and unjust world. We believe that God is concerned about that world and those who live in it. This is what drives us at NZBMS to act, to see people free from poverty, oppression and injustice.

Through Banzaid, the aid and development arm of NZBMS, we have the opportunity to be intentional about our activities in this area. We are pleased to be able to partner with a range of organisations at Government, Non-Government and private organisational level in each of the regions where we work. This helps us to achieve our goals and to draw on and share expertise.

We have a lot to celebrate from each of our projects in West Bengal, Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh, and we are excited about the way the local communities in these places are taking a level of ownership as we work alongside them.

We do not take for granted our supporters and partners; they are critical in these endeavours and we are grateful for them.

Thank you for taking an interest in the work that we have been privileged to engage in during this last year. Enjoy reading about what has been happening!

rachel murrayRachel Murray
NZBMS General Director