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Fiji - Tropical Cyclone Winston

Fiji at its bestCyclone Winston - How can you help in Fiji?

Tropical Cyclone Winston went through Fiji on the weekend of 20-21 February, with devastating results. Many Kiwis have holidayed in Fiji, and now we see the pictures of the destruction of the storm. We want to do what we can to help.

The clean up is going to take a long time. Mr Peni Dolavale, President Fiji Baptist Convention, has appealed to the larger Baptist family worldwide to pray and support them in whatever way possible in this emergency disaster situation.

APBAid (the aid department of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation) is exploring ways and means to help support them.

They are sending a specialist in disaster situations to Fiji to help the Baptist churches in assessing the situation and preparing a proposal. APBAid and Transform Aid International (Australian Baptists) will work in partnership with the Fiji Baptists to find opportunities for appropriate activities alongside the other agencys that are working in the country.

Storm clouds over FijiAs Banzaid does not have any particular programmes of our own in Fiji, we will work to support the response of the Fiji Baptists, and the organisations that work alongside them.

The Fiji Baptist Churches are already responding, and using their own resources to get help to some of the villages that they can reach. See an article here in local Fiji news.

We will keep you informed of the needs, and the ways in which New Zealand Baptists can help. Donations for Fiji can be given through the Banzaid website (Click Here to Donate - put "Fiji" in the comments box).